Tiger Vaccum Bottles-MTA T050 DC

Rs. 2,624.00 Rs. 3,499.00
By Tiger


Tiger’s vacuum insulation technology with the new antibacterial feature meets the demand in New Normal.

1. Color Concept

Inspired by nature, the bottle colors highlight the beautiful views of the earth and endangered animals.

2. Antibacterial processed plastic lid parts

We adopted the antibacterial process in the plastic lid parts certificated by SIAA, in order to offer hygienic bottles to daily life. Products that meet the following three criteria are authorized to indicate SIAA marks, “Antimicrobial property”, “Safety”,and “Appropriate Labeling”.

About antibacterial processed
MCZ-S uses silver-antibacterial processed polypropylene resin (the parts listed below at the subject area).
Testing method:The material meets JIS Z 2801,test for antimicrobial activity and efficacy
Subject area:Lid, spout
Processing method:Kneading into plastic
Ingredient material:Ag inorganic antibacterial agent
Testing result:Antibacterial activity value 2.0 and more