Made in France since 1945.
What makes Duralex® glass so strong is the tempering process. It consists of sudden cooling by ventilation of cold air on the entire glass product, previously brought to a temperature of approximately 700°C. This treatment makes the glass 2.5 times more resistant to mechanical stress than annealed glass.


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Duralex has been Manufacturing Tempered Glassware and Tabletop Products for Over 80 Years, When Duralex Invented the Glass Tempering Process, The Name Duralex has been Associated with Toughened Glassware, Utilizing their Proprietary Process. Duralex is and will always Remain a True French Manufacturer of Glassware and Tabletop Products, And is the Only Glass Manufacturer That Makes 100% Of Their Products in France. Duralex is Symbolic of what this Wonderful Tributary Used to Represent to Some of France's Most Famed Artists: Clarity, Simplicity, Utility, And of Course, Beauty. It is clear, Stackable, and Safe for Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave. Because it is Hot and Cold Resistant, It Can go Straight from the Freezer to the Microwave. Extremely Durable, Tempered Glass - Impact and Chip Resistant. Made in France.