Who We Are

There Is No Place Like Home.”

Homeasia is an online platform for consumers who want to bring together the best of beauty and functionality into their everyday home experience. Conceived by DRSJ Enterprises—pan-India handlers and distributors of Home & Kitchenware products headquartered in Bangalore—this curated platform offers easy access to the world’s most popular homeware brands at a fair and reasonable price. Because we believe priceless doesn’t have to be pricey.

We have tirelessly scoured the globe to include everything you might have on your homeware products list, as a result of which our collection offers exclusive access to the world’s most popular global homeware and kitchenware brands. In the process, we have also built a solid network of online and offline sources of homeware stores. 

Our mission is to make the mundane special with a range that represents the aesthetics, philosophy and beliefs from across the world. Rest assured, your to-be prized possessions are safely housed in 25,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space across Bangalore, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

Our Belief, Ethics and Commitment

Your first cup of coffee or that sweet bite to end the day, we believe that life is all about the small joys. Everyday experiences become beautiful when you have premium homeware and kitchenware products to savour them through. .

As we evolve, so do our homes. Always aware of our customer’s ever-evolving needs, we focus on functionality, durability, and, of course, authenticity. We are committed to providing high-quality products, compassionate customer service, and transparent and reasonable pricing.

Our Mission

We believe that the process of making a house a home should be an aspirational yet affordable dream for anyone. More than just creating a platform for the top homeware brands in India, our goal is to make the best in the world accessible to you. Through our products, we want to make the process of shaping your home an enriching one, as someone rightly said, “We shape our home and then the home shapes us.” We hope that with us you find the most distinct and high-quality homeware India, as well as the world, has to offer.

An Inclusive Clientele

An empty home is a story waiting to be written. And we want to make it possible for anyone who desires to be able to fulfil the vision they have of a perfect home. Whether it is a mom on the run whose job will be made easier by an ergonomic product, a toddler that needs to be in a baby-proof environment, or a doting grandpa serving a brunch feast on a balmy Sunday, we are here for one and all.

The How’s and Who’s

“Home is the nicest word there is.”

We take our job of equipping your home with premium homeware and kitchenware very seriously. Mentored by Co-Founders Jitendra Nahata and Dinesh Sipani, our  dedicated team carries out extensive research into the quality and aesthetics of each product. This includes delving into details of texture, colour, and trends. The team works hard to ensure customers have access to distinctive pieces that are not just charming but also functional. 

A number of characteristics sets us apart from other homeware stores, the foremost being the unique perspectives of our founders. While poles apart in terms of their approach, it is their differences that make us stronger. While Mr Nahata is known for his business development skills, Mr Sipani handles operations and logistics for Homeasia.

Jitendra Nahata

Co-founder, Homeasia

Grounded in a world of fleeting trends, Mr Nahata heads business development at Homeasia. He is also the head of Nahata Group, a 100-year-old Kolkata-based tea business. With six tea estates sprawled across 1,600 hectares, the group is one of the largest manufacturers of green tea in India. They also trade in property investments and finance work across the country, employing over 5,000 people.

Dinesh Sipani

Founder, Homeasia

With a discerning eye for superior-quality homeware and kitchenware, Mr Sipani steers operations and logistics at Homeasia. He also runs Sipani Group, a Bengaluru-based real estate business with over 60 years of heritage. The group is involved in the construction business, fuel retail (owning 10 gas stations in Bengaluru), and the manufacturing of LED lights.

Our Brands

Corelle Brands

The American brand Corelle is among the most popular homeware brands in the world. We distribute all of its products manufactured under its sub-brands—Corelle, Pyrex, Visions, Snapware, and Corning Ware—all of which are household names in their own rights. Discover the joy of cooking with Corelle!


Offering convenience and comfort to enhance day-to-day life since 1923, Japan’s Tiger Corporation manufactures reliable and accessible homeware, such as vacuum flasks, lunch boxes, water bottles, jars, and containers.


Over the years, this French tempered glass tableware and kitchenware manufacturer has found a place in the hearts of people across the globe with its unique, strong, and elegant pieces. Today, it’s synonymous with toughened glass. Having expanded into storage and other kitchenware, the brand is often sought out by homeware enthusiasts.

Noritake Hearth Collection

After making a name in the Japanese antiques and miscellaneous goods segment, Noritake ventured into expertly-designed modern tableware to cater to those who love to elegantly dress up their cabinets and countertops. Manufactured in Sri Lanka, the brand’s beloved dinnerware, mugs, and cup saucers are also available with us.